The fourth international workshop on the operation and management of shopping centers and the review of new retail approaches was held on May 30, 1398 at the Grand Hall of the Grand Mall of Iran in Tehran from 9 am to 6 pm.

The advancement of the scientific level of business processes in the industry, shopping and retail centers of the country has been a common concern in our country. The Ryan Rhaydar Company will provide tomorrow with a review of these phenomena and offer a solution as one of the people who will bring this gathering in this direction with new solutions, which is excellent for this business.

Earlier in the third international workshop, the role of beer and juice in business centers with the presence of elders such as the Rafah chain stores, the commercial business of Bamland, Burgland, Sugandap, and so on, this time also took an opportunity to buy and decide to attend In this workshop, along with various apps from our business partners in the cafe-restaurant-grocery-distributing and distribution areas, and ... to introduce the latest joint product with the ability to print and pay within the program.

Given that today's new card readers come with the Android operating system, and we know that using these card readers is not only advantageous to the card for the customer than the old customer for the customer. Sales sales team combines it with various software , It has become a small, efficient green box. The Chabahar chip is unique to a store (tablet), printer, and card reader that can be retailed for the high cost of the equipment store.

It should be noted that in this festival, big brands like: Mashhad-Dushanbe Holding, Ambassador-Hir-Parmie-Hopardsh-Chain Shop-Shop-Families-Market-Marat-Sarar-Badi Spinner-Cyrus Mal-Kish-Pennu-Georgia -Armani- Roof of london ...

Companies such as Trina System (Pose Bank Representative) - Asma Ryan Sanat (official representative of Data Logic and Bixolon Thermal Printers - ZBrAsia - Wieser Secure Technologists - Razi Welfare and Insurance Shop and .... were in operation.


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