It is more than 150 years from establishment of the first restaurant in Iran. During these years, restaurants have modified so that restauranteurship has become an industry in Iran. Restauranteurship industry has been developing regarding to the rich hospitality culture of Iranians, despite of other industries, and has become one of the productive and attractive industries by helping educated interested persons and implementing international standards. In this regard, Rahyab Rayan Farda Novin Co. has introduced the best POS products for restaurant cashiers and garcons under new Android system.

Today, while science has conquered space, humans try to prepare healthy foods, because they shall be healthy to be able to live long. Anyway, Rahyab Rayan Farda Novin Co. has combined three devices (tablet, card reader, printer) into one in order to glorify clientele by removing long queues for food selection and billing and to prevent expensive costs for restauranteurs.

Rahyab Rayan Farda Novin Co. has tried to provide a up-to-date product for retail and payment, regarding the following items:

1- To glorify clientele by sending invoice and payment at food serving place (food table)

2- To remove long billing payment queues

3- To facilitate ordering

4- To check online order level

5- To distinguish payment types (cash or POS)

6- To register customers and to send SMS for different ceremonies

7- To decrease equipment costs for restaurants

8- To secure data and to control sale level

9- To print different reports

10- To control warehouse

11- To edit data

12- To record and edit goods in cloud base system

13- To record orders by customers


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